Meet Team Falmouth 2020!

Sarah Baker

Sarah just graduated from Georgetown University where she was a member of their Sailing team.  Sarah grew up in Glen’s hometown of Winchester, MA and is currently training for the Marine Corps Marathon.   Her mom Hillary Caulfied Baker attended WHS with Glen.

Kristin Donahue

Kristin helped found the GDMF along with husband, Tom and has built teams for the Boston & NYC Marathons.  She is very excited to get a team rallied for Falmouth!  

Drew Donahue

Drew is Kristin & Tom’s son.  He attends Wellesley High School and is a member of their Cross Country and Indoor & Outdoor Track teams.  Drew is looking forward to his first Falmouth and first race as a charity runner. 

Maggie Donahue

Maggie is Kristin & Tom’s daughter. She attends Georgetown University and runs Cross Country and Indoor & Outdoor Track for the Hoya’s.  Maggie is a 2x winner of our annual GDMF 5k in Winchester, MA.  

Sammi Estes

Sammi attends Connecticut College and joined the GDMF squad via her friend Sarah B.  Sammi was training for the now cancelled Boston Marathon and joined Team GDMF Falmouth instead.  Sammi hails from a military family.  Her brother is currently in the National Guard, her dad served in the Navy and her grandfather served in the Army.

Shane Kronstedt

Shane met Glen when they were both active Navy SEALs.  Shane is now attending Rutgers University studying medicine thanks the GDMF's scholarship program.  He signed up for the now canceled Team GDMF NYC and has transitioned to the Falmouth squad.  Shane is giving back to the program supporting him and his fellow Special Ops soldiers.  Amazing!

Melissa Perone

Melissa is a friend of Glen’s and is raising her family in Winchester.  She is an avid runner, GDMF supporter and participant at our annual road race. 

Catherine Smith

Catherine attends Wellesley High school where she is a member of the Varsity Soccer Team.  Catherine ran her 1st Falmouth last year and is looking forward to round 2!

Brian Smith

Brian and his family live in Wellesley, MA.  The Smiths are close friends of the Donahue’s, big GDMF supporters and volunteers at our annual road race.  Brian will be trying to keep up with daughter, Catherine.  =)

Sofia Spadaro

Sofia is studying to become a nurse at Saint Anslem College.  She also hails from Winchester and is therefore familiar with our cause.  She was the first to reach out to join Team GDMF Falmouth.  Sofia ran it last year for fun.  This year it will be fun for a great cause! 

Mike Stanton

Mike has run the Falmouth Road Race too many times to count.  Mike has also run 2 NYC Marathons for Team GDMF and raised a bunch of $ for our scholarship program.  He is close friends with the Donahue’s and volunteers at our road race.  

Jess Stanton

Jess is a loooong time friend of Kristin D’s and regular running partner.  The Stanton’s live in Wellelsey and Jess has been awesome in her support of the GDMF, particularly in dealing with her husband’s marathon training and subsequent racing during NYC bday weekends.

Chris Stanton

Mike’s younger brother and Falmouth road race direct competitor.  Would love to see the win / loss stats between the 2!  Chris lives in Westwood with his family.

Phil Svahn

Team Falmouth Captain, Phil is no stranger to the Falmouth Road Race even though he now hails from Austin, TX.  Phil grew up summering in Falmouth and holding BBQ’s at the finish line in Falmouth Heights.  He and is family will be championing our squad with a posse of friends in Austin.

Becky Svahn

Becky is a longtime friend of Glen and like Kristin D, she married into Glen’s Winchester posse.  Becky hails from a military family and is a HUGE supporter of the GDMF and in particular our Boston Marathon campaign.

Kristin Svahn

 Kristin is Phil & Becky’s daughter.  She attends HS in Austin where she is an avid lacrosse player. 

Carl Svahn

Carl is Phil & Becky’s son.  Carl will be attending Tufts University in the fall.  Keeping fingers crossed that the doors open on time and we will see the Svahn family in person very soon!


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