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Kate is the sister and friend to Glen Doherty and represents her family in the role of President for the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation. Kate is humbled by the outpouring of love and support after the loss of her brother Glen. In the aftermath of that loss of the board of Directors channeled all of their energy into a positive place and the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation was born. We honor him by giving back to the special operations community in his name and by doing so his memory will live on in the lives that we touch. Kate is also a Marketing producer and loves all things outdoors and spending time with friends and family. Kate is married to her best friend Mark and has three beautiful boys; Jack, Thomas and Cameron. Kate and her family live in Marblehead Massachusetts.





Sean grew up with Glen in Winchester MA .  They moved out to Utah together before Glen decided to become a US Navy SEAL ultimately settling in San Diego. Glen was Sean’s best friend, as he was best friends to so many.  The Executor of Glens estate, Sean fills a role within the GDMF helping represent the west coast by connecting with scholarship candidates and potential donors.  Sean has enjoyed a career as a sponsored snowboarder and transitioned into a career in youth lifestyle/action sports marketing.  Glen got Sean into CrossFit and he now coaches locally with SEALFit and CrossFit 2120.  He’s married to Heather Lake and live in Encinitas, CA.




Tom and Glen became friends in 1977 in Winchester, MA.  The next 35 years were spent cajoling, ribbing, admiring, mocking and hugging one another.  Tom and the Winchester boys listened to Glen’s assertion at Christmas 1995 that he was going to be a Navy SEAL, and the best way to do it was to enlist @ age 25. He achieved that goal, along with many others, and he was ultimately killed doing a signature Glen move: helping his friends.  Through the generosity and caring of people around world, the GDMF can continue Glen’s efforts in helping out his friends in the special-forces community.  Tom’s role is to make sure that we stay true to our mission and Glen’s roots, and as treasurer, to make sure that we are maximizing the effect of the donations.  Tom is an investment banker; advising business owners/leaders sell their companies, buy other companies or raise capital.  Tom lives in the Boston area with his wife Kristin and their three children.



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Michael & his older brother Chuck, one of Glen’s best friends, grew up in Winchester and are family friends of the Doherty’s.  Although their adult lives took them in different directions professionally and geographically, Michael & Glen remained close over the years. Their bond was strong and built on mutual admiration, loyalty and respect. Preserving Glen’s legacy and helping others that are in his position transition out of Special Forces in civilian life has become a cause near and dear to Mike’s heart. He brings his sales, operations, and project management skill set to GDMF. With his own and his families political, law enforcement, and business relationships he brings a unique ability and perspective to help grow GDMF.  Michael lives in Charlestown with his wife Allison & son Charlie.

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