Words of kindness from friends and former Navy SEALS:

“My friend Glen: He would never pound his chest or tell you how great he was. Glen was a great listener and always had experienced advice.  He was the jack-of-all-trades AND master of all. A rare person that was great at everything he did. A warrior spirit balanced by the kindest of hearts.


Glen this is me pounding your chest for you. Glen died protecting the Ambassador 11SEPT2012. I know, wherever you are, the surf is sic, the powder is perfect, and your smile is beaming. You are missed and never forgotten.”


- Clinton Emerson, friend and former Navy SEAL


“Glen was without a doubt the most liked man I've ever met. He was the conduit through which hundreds of people knew one another and kept in touch and up to date with each other. I can't remember ever hearing anyone say a bad thing about the man, which I find particularly interesting considering he was one of the most genuine men I've known. He was a brother in arms as well as a brother in life.


Don't cry for Glen, he would not approve. Celebrate a man who lived well and died with a gun is his hands, fighting for those too weak to fight for themselves.”


- SH9, friend and former Navy SEAL


"Glen was a superb and respected operator, a true quiet professional. He also knew how to have fun, and loved anything involving recreation. Don’t feel sorry for him, he wouldn’t have it.  He died serving with men he respected, protecting the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and doing something he loved. He was a best friend and one of the finest human beings I've ever known.”


- Brandon Webb, friend and former Navy SEAL.   



Glenn was the self-proclaimed "high priest" of "The Cult of Recreationalism". Membership required you to attempt at least one recreational pursuit a day. Anything from surfing or golf to cross fit or a run. It inspired me to take up new interests and stay competitive.


Glenn excelled at everything. He is one of those people who could do something for the first time and make it look like he had mastered the skill years earlier.


Glenn Doherty. Irreplaceable friend


- B. Curtis, friend and former Navy SEAL



"Glen Doherty was a true American hero in every essence of the word. He embodied the selfless spirit, unwavering determination to succeed, and dedication to our country that sets the standard for what every American should strive to be. The loss of this incredible warrior is one that will forever hurt this nations heart, as Glen was truly a gift to the many people that knew him, and even to the ones who didn't. There is nothing he wouldn't do to help those that were close to him, and he never met a stranger. Glen was one of the finest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and the brotherhood mourns the loss of one of its very best. Fair winds and following seas brother, we will see you on the other side."


- Mike Ritland, friend and former Navy SEAL 



“I, Glen Doherty, when I leave here, I leave my whole life behind, my friends.  You are my life, nothing is real w/out you.  Everything that’s mine is yours.  I leave behind a piece of my heart.  Don’t stop, never stop.  NO REGRETS, Ever…”


- Glen Doherty, Senior Will





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